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Mulch in before the winter

We know that winter is still a ways away (we hope), but we are such big proponents of mulch at Mirage Landscaping we like to remind people often of its many positives and allow a good amount of time for people to organize their purchase before winter. Over our three generations of experience, we’ve witnessed…

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The Mosquitoes are Beginning to Bite in Calgary

Avoiding two summer annoyances: Sunburn and mosquito bites

It’s been a beautiful, but very hot, summer in Calgary so far. We’ve been fortunate to be able to spend many uninterrupted hours at our commercial and residential landscaping maintenance and construction clients’ properties, but severe weather has been a factor in our work. There has been damage that we’ve noticed, usually sunscald, hail damage…

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Tornadoes in Alberta Are More Common Than You Think

How to care for weather-related damage to your lawns and gardens

It’s been a couple weeks of crazy weather in Calgary, with just about every kind of summer forecast possible having happened. As we’ve been visiting our landscaping customers’ properties,we’ve been noticing some damage from sun, hail, and excessive rainfall. Trees, shrubs, and plants are struggling after the intense heat wave followed by several days of…

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Protect yourself and your lawn and garden from the heat

We are coming to the end of an unprecedented heat wave in Calgary, however the city remains extremely hot. We normally average five days of plus 30-degrees Celsius weather over the course of each summer, but we had five straight days of plus-30 before the month of June even ended. This historic prolonged stretch of…

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