How to Work Well With Your Landscape Professional for the Best Results

Top 9 Landscaping Trends for 2021

We’ve talked about a lot of different ways that you can spruce up your outdoor living space over the years, and many of them are catching on as the legitimate landscaping trends. For us, this is great news, because a lot of these options are not only attractive and versatile (and enjoyable to design and…

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Safe Shovelling! How to Not Break Your Back

City of Calgary snow removal policies and schedules

It is already four weeks past the massive snowfall of Dec. 22, which blanketed the city with accumulations of from 20 to 40 centimetres of heavy, soupy snow that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. It’s been tough on everyone, but there is one particular group that has been particularly disadvantaged. When roads…

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Snow Removal in Calgary: Stay Warm When Shovelling!

Stuck in the snow? How to free your vehicle

We have been busy since the early morning hours of Dec. 22, when Calgarians woke to a massive snowfall that had dumped from 20 to 40 centimetres of the white stuff all over the city. Thousands were unable to leave their homes, and of the few who were able to get out and on the…

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Fascinate Your Child With the Outdoors This Winter

Winter outdoor activities the whole family can enjoy

Albertans have been asked to limit their contact to other the people in their households over the holidays, which leaves many wondering what they are going to do … especially with their kids. Luckily, Calgary offers a plethora of winter outdoor activities. These are great for getting in some exercise, exploring the city and province,…

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The Best Ways To Dress Up Your Yard For The Holidays

More ways to decorate your home for the holidays

Last week we went over the many ways you can add holiday lights to your home to make the season a little extra special. Holiday lights can be strung, hung, and draped to highlight the best features of your property, and provide joy for those passing by your personal winter wonderland. During the longest and…

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landscape design Calgary

Holiday lights help make the season more special

Twinkling lights, fragrant green wreaths, ribbons and bows ― all these generate that very special, once-a-year feeling of wonder and hope that is only associated with the holiday season. And this year, perhaps more than ever, we all need a little wonder and hope. Many people have already begun decorating their homes and are putting…

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