Time to Start Thinking About Spring Clean-Up

Schedule Your Fall Clean-Up Now

The leaves have yet to fall in Calgary, which is very nice for all of us. But rest assured, they will start coming down, and cause the big yearly mess we all have to deal with. A thorough fall clean-up is very important for getting your commercial or residential property started off right come spring.…

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Tips for Fall Lawn Care and Watering

Fall lawn care is a mystery to many, as we’re not sure exactly how much care and attention our yards and commercial properties actually need. But before it’s time to shut down your property for the winter with a full fall clean upand the draining of your irrigation, unfortunately you can’t just forget about your…

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What To Do With Your Annuals in the Fall

Extend the Life of Your Annuals into September

We are very lucky in Calgary, as September in the city is usually very nice. This means we can enjoy our yards and gardens for a few more precious weeks. And although perennials are wonderful for their ability to return each and every year, annual flowers have that little extra pizzazz. They are bright, cheerful,…

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Calgary Irrigation Maintenance: Common Underground Sprinkler Mistakes

September is Ideal For Underground Irrigation Installation

At Mirage Landscaping, we are huge proponents of underground irrigation for many reasons. To us, the most important reason for an underground irrigation installation is because of the amount of water they can save. Water is a precious natural resource, and we love the planet more. We know you can achieve green and lush gardens…

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How to Make A Dog-Friendly Yard for Your Best Buddy

How to Make A Dog-Friendly Yard for Your Best Buddy

According to the Calgary Herald, in 2016 there were more than 135,000 dogs in Calgary, and that number has surely risen by now. Calgary is a dog-loving city, and we love to take good care of our furry friends. The City of Calgary plays a part in pet ownership too, with the Responsible Pet Ownership…

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How to Repair Your Lawn and Green Space

Lush, Green and Gorgeous: Lawn Care Tips From the Pros

We have been providing lawn care services in Calgary for three generations now, and take no greater satisfaction than from a perfect expanse of freshly cut, bright green and lush grass. Fostering a yard or commercial property to be its most healthy and, thus, spectacular, is what we do, and we are very good at…

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Which Vegetables Can I Grow in My Calgary Garden?

Community gardens are becoming quite popular in Calgary, and with that many are beginning to realize that there are lots of food-growing opportunities in the city. Even though we have a tough climate, vegetables are also tough, and lots can withstand all our weather has to throw at them. Growing vegetables in Calgary is very…

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The Importance of Top Dressing Before Winter

How to Measure Your Soil Quality

Soil in Calgary naturally has a basic or high pH, which classifies it as alkaline. This is because our soil actually came from the limestone Rocky Mountains, and was brought into the area by melting glaciers. The lime is what makes our soil more alkaline, and the problem with these types of soils is that…

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Care For Your Commercial Property

Seven Ways to Amp up Your Business’s Appearance

We have been taking care of many commercial properties for decades now, and really enjoy watching how our care and attention over the years has allowed plants and green spaces to flourish and thrive. Commercial landscaping requires a different kind of touch, as the design must be accessible, hardy, and able to withstand a lot…

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Practicing Fire Pit Safety to Enjoy Your Backyard

Building a Proper Fire Pit and Regulations For Use

Enjoying conversations, the night sky, and roasted marshmallows around a fire pit is a truly summertime experience for Calgarians. There is really nothing quite like feeling like you’re camping in the middle of a big city, and the time together creates unforgettable memories for family and friends. As Mirage Landscaping has more than three generations…

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