What a Warm and Dry Winter Means for Your Yard and Garden

How to Prep Your Landscaping and Residence for Winter

Doing some winter landscaping prep work will go a long way towards keeping your lawn and garden elements in good shape over the course of Calgary’s long cold-weather season. Here are some essential tasks you should take care of before the snow hits: A Final Trim and Fertilization The first tip for winter landscaping is…

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Top 6 Calgary Commercial Landscaping Must-Dos for the Fall

Commercial property owners need to make special considerations when it comes time to take care of fall landscaping tasks. As a leading provider of commercial landscaping in southeast Calgary, the Mirage Landscaping team can help you take care of these seven essentials for a very affordable price. Water Your Trees During the early days of…

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Slow Indian Summers Mean More Time in the Yard

We’ve been lucky to have some beautiful Indian summers in Calgary over the past few years. They’re perfect for taking care of some seasonal lawn maintenance tasks while the weather is still nice, including late-summer fertilization that will help you enjoy a beautiful, full green lawn again next year. Indian summer is also perfect for finishing…

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Lawn Care Tips For Home Properties

Tips for Late Summer Lawn Care

Months of sun exposure, foot traffic and pest activity can take a toll on your lawn, and that’s why late summer lawn care in Calgary is so important. A little attention will go a long way towards keeping your grass looking green and healthy for the rest of the season, and it will also give…

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