Get Rid of Ice on Your Sidewalk Easily: Mirage Snow Removal in Calgary

When people here think of outdoor routine winter maintenance, the first thought is usually snow removal. Here at Mirage Landscaping, your premier full service residential and commercial landscaping maintenance firm in Calgary, we can handle all of your snow removal needs. However, there is another unavoidable feature of winter weather that you are pretty much totally responsible…

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Other Options For Shovelling: Commercial Snow Removal in Calgary

Although we have offered several guidelines on how to shovel snow without wrecking your health,  the best tip we can give remains our favourite: Employ Mirage Landscaping  for all of your Calgary commercial and/or residential snow removal needs. For those who insist on doing it themselves, however, there are options other than the ubiquitous shovel that can…

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Safe Calgary Snow Removal: Avoid An Aching Back!

It won’t be long now until many of us are engaged in Calgary’s least favorite winter sport—snow removal. Depending on how many times it snows here this winter, you might wind up feeling as if you’d played the home half of the Flames’ season before you’re through. As you may know, Mirage Landscaping is in…

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Laws For Commercial Property Snow Removal in Calgary

Sooner than you think, you may be looking for snow removal services in Calgary. The time to think about snow removal is before the snow flies in amounts where you will be breaking out a shovel or a blower. Under the legal code of the City of Calgary, specifically Street Bylaw 20M88, as an owner or tenant…

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Benefits of Fall Fertilization: Landscaping in Calgary

If you are serious about lawn care in Calgary, you know the importance of applying fertilizer in the fall to give your grass every advantage in bouncing back in the spring. You aren’t serious about lawn care in Calgary? That’s okay, because here at Mirage Landscaping in Calgary, we can take care of your local…

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Why Drain My Irrigation System? Mirage Landscaping Calgary

After our unusual summer of raining and flooding it’s hard to believe that winter weather is just a couple of months away, more or less. If you are the owner of a residential or commercial underground sprinkler system, it’s soon time to decide whether to drain, or “blowout” your buried irrigation system. Some of you…

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