Safe Shovelling! How to Not Break Your Back

Snow removal is not just a service, it’s also peace of mind. Winter is difficult enough without consistently having to worry about clearing your pathways, driveways, and parking lots. We want to let you get through the season thinking about the things that matter the most to you instead. Snow removal is one of our specialties at Mirage Landscaping, and we’ve been keeping businesses and families safe throughout the Calgary winter for three generations.

As we live and are based in Calgary’s southeast, and have a long history in the area, we centralize our services in places we know and love the best. We proudly serve the communities of:

Auburn Bay, Chaparral, Chaparral Valley, Copperfield, Cranston, Douglasdale, Heritage Pointe, Lake Bonavista, Mahogany, McKenzie Lake, Mackenzie Towne, Maple Ridge, New Brighton, Odgen/Lynwood/Millican, Parkland, Riverbend, Sundance, Walden, and Willow Park.

Your Snow Removal Responsibilities as a Property Owner

Snow removal is a lot of work, we are well aware of this fact. But it’s the challenge that we like! City bylaws requiresnow and ice to beremoved from all public pathways within 24 hours of the snowfall ending. It’s clearly stipulated that concrete surfaces must be visible, so there’s no being lazy and just scraping off the top surface of an accumulation. 

We have a fleet of vehicles, equipment, and trained personnel that are always on call during the winter months in Calgary. And we’re eager. Unlike most of the city, there’s nothing we like more than a good snowfall. It means we have the chance to get out there and help our people get moving safely as quickly as possible. 

City bylaws also call for pathways to be cleared at least 1.5 metres wide to allow for people to easily pass each other. Cleared snow from public property like public pathways and sidewalks can be piled on public property. Snow cleared from private property, such as that from your driveway or your parking lot, must be piled on your own property. Noise restrictions are lifted for 48 hours immediately after a snowfall ends, which allows us to reach our commercial properties as soon as we can. We often operate throughout the night. 

We take care, however, with our residential properties to be respectful. We’ll keep our snow removal activities to a minimum during regular sleeping hours. We are not here to bother you, we are here to benefit you.

Residential Snow Removal Services

What with getting yourself to work, the kids to school, getting to the store, to various appointments, sporting events, and so many other things, there’s never enough time in a day. We like to make your life easier, and far less complicated. Snow removal services are a great way to do that. Take a vacation without worrying about anything. We’ll keep your property clear even when you are not here. 

Cleared sidewalks, pathways, and driveways are not just a nice to have. They are the law. If you fail to clear your property you may receive a warning from the City of Calgary. If you still don’t shovel, the City will clear your property for you and you will receive an invoice of $150. You may also be fined for failure to comply, starting at $250 for your first offence, $500 for a second offense, and $750 for each and every offense after within a 12-month period.

If you own a rental property that you do not live at, be aware that you are still responsible for clearing its sidewalks and pathways for the public and your tenants.

Commercial Snow Removal Services

Commercial snow removal is far more complicated than residential snow removal, but that’s what makes it interesting to us. There’s a lot more to it that simply showing up with fancy equipment and creating giant piles wherever you like. Equipment is important, of course, and we have a large fleet. We’ve got you covered with plows, power brushes and snow blowers, plus a small arsenal of shovels and tons of de-icing compounds that work on a number of different surfaces. We keep the conversation open with our commercial snow removal clients. You know best where it is most convenient for you and your customers for us to pile your snow, and we listen to you.

Don’t let your business’s reputation be damaged by a slip-and-fall that could have been avoided. Professional commercial snow removal services keep your customers safe from injury and you safe from liability. It’s a win-win!

Arrange Your Southeast Calgary Snow Removal Today

Snow removal is one of our specialties at Mirage Landscaping. We know we’re good at what we do, and why. Here are six reasons to choose us for yoursoutheast Calgary snow removal. 

Commercial and residential snow removal services are convenient and affordable. To get started, fill out our online contact form.

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